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Author Jeff W. Horton



The Last Prophet-Description

Imagine learning that you had been ordained by God to become one of the last two witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation at the end of days. Suppose it was you that would stand face to face with the antichrist, call down plagues, and warn humanity to turn from following the beast, and to announce the approaching return of Jesus Christ.


The Last Prophet, written in the first person from the point of view of John March, tells the story of an ordinary man who discovers that he is about to lead an extraordinary life.  He will face supernatural enemies and his own inherent fears and weaknesses on his journey to becoming, The Last Prophet.


"This book reminded me a bit of the Left Behind Series. I was quickly caught up in the tale... The plot is well developed and interesting. The characters are believable. I very much enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to others." 

Reviewed by Lynn F. for Readers Favorite


"..."The Last Prophet" tells the story of John March as he discovers his duty as one of the prophets of the book of Revelation, to stand against the Anti-Christ...he must stand for faith in a time where people will have none. "The Last Prophet" is a riveting religious thriller, highly recommended."  Midwest Book Review 


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