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Author Jeff W. Horton

THE GREAT COLLAPSE-Survivors of the Pulse



The Great Collapse-Description


The Great Collapse is an apocalyptic novel set in the not-too-distant future. When a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and a massive solar flare bathe the Earth in energy, the result is the permanent loss of modern technology across the planet. Survivors learn how to survive and then to thrive in their new reality.


As I did research for my first novel, The Great Collapse, and my second novel, The Dark Age, I was astonished to learn how vulnerable our national infrastructure and our civilization itself are to powerful electromagnetic pulses and solar flares. In 2008 a report requested by Congress and was completed by the EMP Commission. It confirmed that the threat of a single nuclear warhead detonated high in the atmosphere somewhere around Kansas was real, and that it could potentially take out the United States' national power grid.


The Great Collapse received a five-star rating from Midwest Book Review.


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